Why You Should Study Information Systems

If you are still unsure of what career to pursue, it is never too late to explore your options and consider studying Information Systems (IS).  

Why major in Information Systems

Many people begin to feel overwhelmed or out of their depth when they hear about IS. The truth is, while IS can be a challenging field to get into, if you have a passion for it, it’s a great option to consider. Information systems encompass a wide field of study that bridges business with computer science. Under IS, you can study all kinds of things, like computer information systems, security, web development, cloud computing, database concepts, programming, and more! 

As we continue to live and strive in the 21st century, it’s all about information systems! Here are eight reasons you should consider studying IS: 

1. The Field Offers You Different Career Options

If you study IS, there is no shortage of career options.  Studying information systems will open doors for you. You can take your career in web development, database administration, computer programming, and security analysis. 

2. Studying Information Systems is Not Just Theoretical

While it may seem like you would be buried in textbooks and theoretical work, that’s not entirely true. If you enjoy practical work, IS can be a great choice. In many IS courses, you will be able to create and design things – like computer graphics, websites, etc.  

3. More Flexibility in Work 

Do you dread thinking of yourself working a rigid nine to five desk job? Work timings can be flexible and allow you to determine your own schedule most of the time, but you can also have the option of working from an office or home. As someone that works better with flexibility, you’ll find that a career in IS will offer you all the flexibility you could want. 
Whether you enjoy solo work or more collaboration, there is something to suit everyone. Additionally, some roles in IS mean that you can work pretty much on your own, which a lot of people prefer doing. Other roles require working with a team, which is also a good option for some people. 

4. People Who Have Studied Information Systems Have Higher Earnings 

One of the most significant reasons people pursue careers in the information systems field is because these jobs tend to play a lot. If you do get into the IS field, you’re likely to get a high-paying job and live a very comfortable life. Recent graduates can start off at decent salaries and work their way up the ladder in just a few years. 

5. The Field is Constantly Growing 

Technology is advancing every day, and there is no stopping soon! As such, the field of information systems and technology will only keep growing and expanding. This means that you will always be in demand. New jobs will always be created, and technology professionals will be needed to fill those roles. If you worry about tough job market conditions and job scarcity once you graduate, as someone with a degree in the IS field, you can rest assured you’ll find a good job. 

6. You Learn on the Job Too

Like we said before, technology is constantly advancing, changing, and growing. With these advancements, you’re likely to keep learning new things as you go. If you like to learn on the job and enjoy a fast-paced and mentally stimulating environment, then information systems can offer you all of that. Not only will you be presented with many opportunities to keep learning with a career in IS, but you will also be encouraged to learn more and always stay up to date. If you like to learn on the job and enjoy a fast-paced and mentally stimulating environment, then information systems can offer you all of that. 

7. Information Systems is a Great Channel for Your Creativity 

Although it may not seem like it, information systems is a great field for someone who is creative, likes to think critically, and enjoys problem-solving. IS will keep you on your toes and allow you to channel your creativity productively. If you want to test your knowledge and skills and develop creative and different solutions for specific problems, a career in IS will help you do that. 

8. You Can Start a Career You Really Enjoy

“Do what you'll love, and you'll never work another day in your life” If you'll pursue a degree in information systems and find computers and technology fascinating, you’re doing a job out of a hobby or natural talent. Doing something that you enjoy can be very fulfilling. 
If a degree in Information Systems sounds appealing to you, then you should definitely give it a shot! You can take a genuine interest or fascination with technology one step further by pursuing a degree in the field. And, as we’ve mentioned, there are some great reasons you should consider studying information systems. 

Start now! 

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